GreenTeamPower is an organization whose mission is to spread awareness and increase literacy about the environmental, health, and economic benefits of Renewable Energies, document technological advancements, and promote sustainability within our communities. We provide free workshops and presentations to various high school students, both at their high schools and various youth organizations. We also educate and help individuals to understand environmental issues and to engage in future problem solving and action.

Founder’s Message

As a young environmentalist, I have borne witness to the alarming and widespread effects of climate change. The towering industrial plants, spewing noxious smoke, and the constant streams of idling cars, emitting harmful fumes into the atmosphere, paint a vivid picture of a world held hostage by non-renewable energy sources. Every day, we release billions of tons of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, triggering a global crisis that threatens the very foundation of our civilization.
In the face of mounting uncertainty and despair, I was compelled to seek answers. Motivated by a sense of urgency and a desire to be part of the solution, I embarked on a journey of learning and discovery. I completed AP Environmental Science in 8th grade and took undergraduate courses in high school to educate myself. Additionally, I devoured knowledge from experts and thought leaders from all over the world, each offering a unique perspective and fresh insights into the challenges we face. Through their stories and my own research, I began to see a glimmer of hope.
This hope rests on the foundation of renewable energy sources and sustainable practices. By embracing clean and renewable energy sources, we can build a future that is not only sustainable and resilient but also equitable and just. Achieving this transformation requires collective action and bold leadership. We should remain committed to maintaining a focus on racial, social, health, and environmental impacts while implementing new energy technology.

I cordially invite you to join me on this journey of exploration and discovery as we delve into the intricate web of environmental issues that confront our planet. I also encourage you to share your own stories, experiences, and perspectives with me and the wider community. Together, we can foster a sense of collaboration, support, and shared purpose as we work towards building a better future for ourselves and future generations. Please join me in this effort!

Keshav Narang

Our Impact

At GreenTeamPower, our mission is to provide tailored content and educational materials for individuals of all ages. We are dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and promoting sustainability. To achieve this, we organize a wide range of learning events in communities, spanning local neighborhoods, libraries, community centers, schools, and even national/international youth organizations.

Our primary focus is global youth, whom we engage through free workshops and presentations held at their schools and youth organizations. We believe in the power of visual tools, such as Climate Interactive’s En-Roads Simulation, which effectively demonstrates the urgent need for systemic policy changes to address climate change.

In addition to workshops and presentations, we design captivating activities that encourage hands-on learning and promote environmental consciousness. For example, we conduct oil spill simulations and explore pollution uptake modeling by plants. These activities are aimed at immersing participants in real-world environmental challenges while also nurturing their problem-solving skills.

We go beyond education by empowering individuals to take action and become part of the solution. Through initiatives like the Student Ambassador Program, local internships, and participation in local public commenting and climate actions, we enable individuals to actively contribute to their communities. We provide support to youth in organizing small-scale projects in their neighborhoods, offering guidance in brainstorming ideas, sharing examples, creating informative flyers, connecting with policy makers, and drafting public comments.

By fostering a focus on systemic change and empowering youth advocacy, we enable students to become agents of change. We believe that by grounding our activities in real-world environmental problems, we provide engaging and interactive learning experiences suitable for individuals of all age levels. At GreenTeamPower, we are dedicated to creating a brighter, more sustainable future through education and action.







Our Beginning


The beginning of our climate action project was fueled by our shared passion for science and social justice. My journey started with my enthusiasm for science, specifically in the fields of environmental science, renewable energy projects, and sustainable development. These experiences exposed me to the urgency of environmental issues and inspired me to merge my passions into a career.

However, it was my involvement with non-profit organizations, particularly those addressing socioeconomic and racial injustices in the Bay Area’s oil refineries, that truly ignited my sense of purpose. Working alongside these organizations, I learned the power of collective action, teamwork, and engaging with the community. This work sharpened my advocacy skills and deepened my commitment to both social justice and environmental causes.

Renewable energy technologies hold a special place in my heart as I firmly believe they are crucial for mitigating climate change and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. I have been fortunate enough to work on various projects in this field, such as designing a more efficient solar panel and battery system. Additionally, I founded a Renewable Energy Club at my school to educate others about the benefits of clean energy. Through these initiatives, I have developed strong communication and leadership skills, inspiring others to adopt sustainable solutions.

Beyond renewable energy, I am also passionate about environmental science and the potential of science and technology to address pressing environmental issues. I have been involved in research projects focused on water pollution detection and have taken courses in sustainable development and climate science. I am particularly excited about the transformative potential of AI and data science in revolutionizing our approach to environmental challenges.

Overall, my experiences have provided me with a solid foundation and a clear sense of purpose. I am eager to continue exploring these fields, utilizing my skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on both society and the environment. I firmly believe that collective action, community engagement, and advocacy are crucial in achieving a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

In this project, I am joined by my brother, Shivek Narang, who leads from a health perspective. Shivek is acutely aware of how climate change disproportionately affects vulnerable populations, particularly those in marginalized communities. His focus is on advocating for sustainable practices and raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. By doing so, Shivek aims to contribute to a greener future and mitigate the adverse health consequences associated with climate change.

Shivek’s commitment to social justice extends to building awareness for specific causes and health conditions. Through his platform, ‘Our Teen Brains,’ he actively works to promote mental health among teenagers and combat the stigma associated with mental disorders, especially depression. Shivek provides valuable resources, shares personal stories, and organizes meaningful events to create a supportive environment that encourages open conversations about mental health among young individuals.

Together, driven by our shared values, we are determined to make a difference in the world by addressing climate change, promoting sustainable practices, and advocating for social justice.