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Discover the importance of the environment and renewable energy in our engaging presentations. Join us for in-person or online sessions at schools, youth forums, and organizations. Our goal is to inspire and educate, empowering you to make a difference for a sustainable future. Register now and be part of the movement towards environmental preservation and renewable energy adoption.

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Quantifying the Impact of Oil Refineries: Health, Environmental, and Economic Perspectives

Environmental Inequity in the Bay Area: Unraveling the Disparities

 Unveiling Earth’s Hidden Power_ Exploring Geothermal Energy and the Inner Workings of Power Plant Design    

Tools for Measuring Carbon Emissions    

 California’s public pensions are financing Climate Destruction    

En-ROADS is a widely recognized climate simulation tool developed by Climate Interactive

New Zealand - A Leader in Wind Energy Paleoclimatology Research.jpg

Artificial Intelligence for Climate Change

Bloom Energy's Request for Exemption from San Jose's Natural Gas Ban - A Case Study

Public Comment Crafting - Making Your Voice Heard for Environmental Protection

Hopeful Ideas for Our Future - In Renewable Energy

Greenhouse gas emissions

Gas, Petroleum, and Coal - Energy Generation and Impacts to our environment

Photovoltaic and Solar thermal Energy

Wind and hydro energy

Microalgae farming for energy production

Carbon capture and reuse

Waste-to-energy (WtE) technologies